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SPRING 2024!


  Welcome aspiring filmmakers!  


If you’re reading this, then one or more of the following are probably true…


  • You want to go to film school, but you don’t want to spend 12 to 48 months of your life in a lecture hall, racking up $20,000 to $120,000 in student loan debt. 

  • You want to learn how to create engaging social media, YouTube, or promotional content.

  • You want to take your video ‘hobby’ to the next level, and start making money from it.

  • You want to work in the film and TV industry, but you aren’t really sure where to start.

Sound familiar?

FACT #1:  

You do NOT need a diploma, accredited certification, or any kind of expensive degree

to work in the entertainment industry. 


 FACT #2:  

You do NOT need to spend 12 to 48 months

of your life in school and get into

$40,000 – $120,000 of debt. 


FACT #3:

The entertainment industry ONLY cares about professional experience, NOT which prestigious university you attended.  And sorry, but a typical film school “thesis project” doesn’t count as a resumé-worthy credit to most employers.



This is where SFCA comes in!  

The 10-Week Film School was created to help students fast-track their education, providing them with practical hands-on experience and a skillset that can be used to launch successful career and immediately start working in their desired field.  


We've decided to make our unique

training style available to everyone around the world, rather than just a handful of students

in Los Angeles. 


With over 100 videos in your possession, you will learn the entire creative process from script to screen, from concept to delivery. You will learn everything that goes into creating

high-value, professional video content. 


However, this is not your typical online film course.

It is a well-known fact that we all learn best,

by actually DOING. So, to reinforce the concepts you will be learning online, we will also walk you through how to acquire your very own client for the program, so that you can produce an original project that will be completed and delivered at the end of the 10-Week Film School. 

This is a true hands-on experience, that will enable you to take your new skills beyond your

computer screen and into the real world.  


And to top it all off, you’ll be able to add

a professional project to your resumé!

This is the FIRST and ONLY online course where YOU will be writing, producing, shooting, editing, and delivering a real project to a legitimate client.


Don't worry, we've done this MANY times before, so we'll be there to show you the ropes

every step of the way.  😉

Here's how the 


breaks down:




During this phase, we start off by covering the different types of business formations, and we'll even touch upon some PC and Mac essentials, just in case you're a total computer newb.  


We'll also dive into each of the individual filmmaking departments and various crew positions to explore how they all work together to create a full production from beginning to end. 

You’ll learn the 3-act story structure that goes into screenplay writing, and immediately put this to use, writing your own script for your real-world client project.  You’ll learn how to break down your script into production elements, and formulate an accurate budget.

Finally, you will submit casting breakdowns, audition actors, and create your own director’s shot list / shooting schedule.


Principal Photography… 

"Lights, Camera, ACTION"!

This is where all your hard work in pre-production gets put to the test.  During this phase, you will learn the nuts and bolts of camera operation, current digital media workflows, lighting design, and green screen keying.

The days of Silent Movies are long gone!  The audio department is often overlooked, and as they say in the industry, you only hear ‘bad sound’.  So we’re here to walk you through everything it takes to record high-quality production audio and make sure that we don’t have to “fix it in Post”.

Finally the day arrives, and it’s time to shoot your client’s project.  Will you be ready?  If you follow our guidance and put in the work, you'll be more than prepared!

Video Production



aka “Editing” aka “The Cutting Room” aka

“The Dungeon”.  

Congratulations! You’ve just shot your first client project!  Now it’s time to put it all together.  In post-production, we will dive into the industry standard workflows for modern-day media management, and learn how the “ins and outs” of the Adobe Creative Suite and other professional software applications are used to cut all forms of digital media content.

During this phase, you will edit your client’s project, record voice-overs and dialogue replacement, properly mix the audio, create 2D and 3D animated motion graphics and titles, and encode the project to its final export formats.


And finally, the moment of truth… You'll not only deliver the finished project to your client, but you can also submit it to us for a chance to earn our coveted Certificate of Completion.


Once you've completed the 10-Week Film School, you will have gained hands-on experience in every aspect of the filmmaking process.  The only question now is where do you go from here? 


With a good, working knowledge of the production process, you can choose any one of these phases and crew positions to explore further and pursue in-depth. Or, maybe you’ll gravitate toward the entire process and decide to open up your own production company servicing local clients wherever you live?  Perhaps you'll pursue a career at a larger studio or ad agency?  


With the practical knowledge and

professional training you'll receive through

Sharp Focus Creative Academy,

the possibilities are endless!


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