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Sharp Focus Creative Academy specializes in training future filmmakers how to effectively write, produce, shoot, edit, and deliver high-quality video content to real-world clients, all of which can be credited on a resumé. 


The SFCA teaching staff is comprised of a rotating group of professionals and experts who remain up-to-date on modern industry techniques by consistently working in the field.

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There’s an old saying, “a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none…” That phrase has been around for centuries, but thanks to the Digital Revolution that continues to blossom with each passing year, many professionals are finding it necessary to become qualified in more than one area of expertise.

It’s no big secret that modern technology has a very unpredictable shelf life, and workplace responsibilities are on the rise like never before. To sum it up, if you’re not willing to remain relevant by learning new techniques and expanding your skillset, then pursuing a career in today’s entertainment industry is going to be even more of an uphill battle than it already is.



Unlike most other occupations, the entertainment industry does not care about what degree you have or what “prestigious” university you attended. Aside from having a killer demo reel built up over years of trial and error, it honestly comes down to who you know that can get your foot in the door, and what you know that can keep you there.

Traditional film schools have earned a negative reputation of wasting valuable time and money under the false premise that “you get what you pay for.” The truth is, you’re no closer to landing a real job just because you have an expensive piece of paper hanging on your wall. Gaining professional experience is the absolute best way to make a lasting impression on your peers and potential employers. That’s where we come in…



At Sharp Focus, our mission is to provide affordable industry training for individuals and groups who desire to become successful filmmakers, and encourage them to build a valuable skillset that can help acquire sustained employment.  We don’t recommend that anyone attempt to utilize every single one of their skills on every single project.  Instead, we teach a solid understanding of how each department works together to create all types of digital media, along with the importance of being versatile in all types of work environments.

Our students can strive to be resourceful entrepreneurs by starting their own production company, or they may choose to pursue an interesting new talent that they never knew existed.  One way or another, our graduates will be prepared to start navigating their careers without the hot stench of crippling debt breathing down their necks for decades to come.



“I walked in unsure of a lot of things, most importantly not knowing the job that was right for me… and my mind was immediately set at ease with the thoughtful guidance of the staff at Sharp Focus and the experience provided during my time there.”

Shawn E.

  • What sets Sharp Focus apart from other well-known film schools?
    The SFCA business model was originally created by working industry professionals who were once hypnotized by misleading advice from admissions reps at expensive “degree mills”. After paying back over $700 a month in student loans for well over a decade (and many more years to come), our sole motivation is to foster a professional learning environment that doesn’t take advantage of people who are simply looking to better themselves. If you (or your parents) happen to have a ton of money sitting around waiting to be spent, then by all means don’t let us talk you out of the big campus lifestyle. Just prepare yourself for it to be over in the blink of an eye, with not much more than a fancy piece of paper to show for it. But if you’re ready to learn the ropes in a real production company environment and start your career ASAP, then please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself! We’re genuinely here to help you succeed in life, and our satisfied students are more than happy to vouch for us. 😉
  • Is SFCA an “accredited” school?
    If you’re currently reading this sentence on our website, then the immediate answer is no. Unfortunately, most accreditation boards require long-term programs to qualify, which isn’t really on-brand with Sharp Focus. However, we are in the process of qualifying to accept M1 Visa Status, Unemployment Workforce Benefits, and academic funding for Veterans, so stay tuned!
  • Do I need a degree or certificate to get a job in the entertainment industry?
    Absolutely not! It’s difficult to explain this concept to prospective students that don’t fully understand how this industry works yet, especially taking into consideration that our society has been indoctrinated by references to past generations. In hindsight, those same students eventually understand how it really works AFTER they’ve attained some professional experience out in the field. If you don’t believe us, just ask anyone who’s already doing the job that you want to pursue. Seriously, you can ask about topics like this in our FREE industry Q&A events!
  • What is the longest commitment that students can expect at Sharp Focus?
    Most film schools want you to sign up for a long term commitment because the more time you spend there, the more money they rake in. At Sharp Focus, the answer really depends on which program you sign up for. Our longest in-person program is 2-days per week for 10-weeks (Filmmakers Bootcamp), and our shortest in-person class is 1-day. Not that we don’t enjoy seeing your pretty/handsome faces every single day, but it serves no real purpose wasting your time and ours any longer than necessary. Most of our students want to get in, get experience, and start working ASAP. However, our pre-recorded online Accelerated Filmmakers Program (AFP) can take anywhere from weeks to months, depending on how much time you're able dedicate to it on any given day. But don't rush, because there is a LOT of information to absorb.
  • Do the students get to choose the client project they end up working on?
    Again, that all depends on which program you sign up for. In the 10-Week Filmmakers Bootcamp, we sometimes allow a democratic vote on which one we’ll end up working with, based on how many clients we have on deck during a program launch. More often though, our instructor’s experience provides the ability to gauge which project is best suited for each crew dynamic, so they get final say in the decision. Just like in the real world, you don’t always have the luxury of choosing the projects you get hired to work on. Don’t worry, you’ll have a blast either way! But if you choose to take our online Accelerated Filmmakers Program (AFP), each student will be deciding on their own client to work with.
  • Is Sharp Focus only for aspiring filmmakers?
    Well, that really depends on your definition of a “filmmaker”. There are so many potential career paths that lead into the entertainment industry, we don’t want to lump everyone into the same category. But if you’re referring to crew positions that are generally “behind the camera”, then the answer is no. We also offer acting classes, voice over lessons, screenwriting workshops, etc, some of which don’t even involve a camera.
  • Does SFCA help their graduates get jobs after training is complete?
    Quite often, yes! But like any educational institute, nothing is guaranteed. It literally depends on each individual student’s attitude and ability to meet deadlines. Please don’t be fooled by other film schools and their exaggerated “job placement” statistics. Many accredited film schools have been busted by the Department of Education over the years for fudging their numbers by getting their graduates entry-level jobs at places like the Apple Store, Guitar Center, and Hollywood Studio gift shops (we won’t name any names here, but that info can be easily found online). SFCA works closely with industry recruiters, and we only recommend top-tier graduates because our stellar reputation is always at stake.


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